- WHO I AM -

[ Artist Bio ]

My name is Elise Gabrielle Renfrow, I’m an interdisciplinary artist who focuses in ceramics, silk-screen prints, and metal sculpture. I’ll receive my BFA in 2020 from the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. My current artwork illustrates honest representations of female nudes alluding to an admiration of the body through obscuring the identity, as well as depicting dreamlike landscapes or narratives that question consciousness and control. My work has been exhibited at locations like Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, Victory Parkway, and the 840 Gallery. I’ve also worked at establishments like the Cincinnati Art Museum and Manifest Gallery where I’ve developed my skills as a public speaker, program facilitator, and art handler. 


[ Inspiration ]

My inspiration often comes from nature, the female body, and my fascination with dreams and sleep disorders.

Current artist I’m inspired by:

Akio Takamori