TextileHaus is based in Cincinnati, OH and was founded by Anastasiya Yatsuk who is a University of Cincinnati D.A.A.P. alumni. After I came to know of the company I directly contacted Anastasiya and requested to meet. I was inspired by her minimalistic designs and sustainable fabrics. She has given me the opportunity to get hands-on  experience with authentic artisan designs as well as branding experience. I've learned what sustainability is in regards to fashion and why that is her company's focus. 




I've retained a passion for personal style for years and with Anastasiya I've learned more about fabrics and authenticity. I've helped create fabric samples for future clients, I've attended local events to help brand the company, and help prepare the designs for photoshoots.



My vision for the company is to document and create a "behind-the-scenes" viewpoint for our followers and customers. Anastasiya wanted to create a stronger relationship with her clients so in response I documented the Fall collection photoshoots as the viewer. It was personally engaging to work on my own photography and create a collection of photos and descriptions of those experiences. I will continue to take more photographs for this company and connect them to their personal brand.   


Social MEdia.

Currently it is my responsibility to edit and maintain social media posts for the company. My job is to create descriptions for photos that I pick to post on Instagram and Facebook. I've also helped form a standard style and color scheme of the company that ultimately created the correct aesthetic of TextileHaus