Surface Exploration of the Female Nude

Sheet Metal, Summer 2018

[ accomplishment ]

Through this sculpture I was able to learn how to manipulate a material that is very 3D in nature, into a more 2D artwork. I also learned how different materials effect the surface of metal and I was able to use this to my advantage. This has helped me develop new ideas in my sculptural ceramic practices.

[ Info ]

This sculptural piece depicts the female nude, it explores metal surfacing techniques and the relation between 2D and 3D artwork. I came into this piece knowing I wanted to change the surface in a way that created light and shadow.

[ Process ]

I first drew out the shapes I wanted on a piece of sheet metal. After cutting the shapes out with a plasma cutter I spot welded the smaller accent shapes over the main form. I then used a solution to induce rust and a black patina, this helped me create shadow and color on the piece.[