Date: May 11th - June 10th, 2019

“For Another Maggie” Exhibition by Maggie Lawson

I collaborated with Macartney Greer and Maggie Lawson for the exhibition “For Another Maggie” featured at Wavepool Gallery. Maggie Lawson is a social practice artist, professional chef, and current artist in residence at Wavepool Gallery. Macartney Greer is an interdisciplinary artist, past artist in residence at the Contemporary Arts Center, and fellow peer from Cincinnati, Ohio. Greer’s unique birthday card design was accepted along with three others for Lawson’s upcoming show. Greer and I produced 100 final copies of the card for Lawson’s exhibition.



Gallery Intern, Co-op Assistant, Summer Camp Instructor

At the Cincinnati Art Museum I started working as a part-time gallery intern for the department of Learning and Interpretation. I was promoted to their first full-time co-op assistant then later accepted a position as one of their summer camp instructors. I learned and improved my skills as an educational program facilitator, public speaker, teacher, collaborator, and artist. I assisted or led programs that spanned a variety of audiences from ages 3 to 60+ at varying learning levels. I was involved with accessibility programs like Autism Family Exploration and Connect as well as other art programs like Gallery Experiences, Baby Tours, Wee Wednesday, and Summer Camp.