Photography Prints and Marker, Fall 2016


This artwork helped me reveal and acknowledge some very strong insecurities I’ve had in my life regarding my stretch marks, my hair, and my cellulite. By displaying them proudly I was able to accept these “imperfections” on my body. This also led me to be interested in the nude female body which repeatedly effects my work today.

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The idea behind this artwork was to bring my drawing skills together with another art form while depicting the body in some way. I had been fascinated with photography at the time and chose that for my second medium along with marker for the line work. I wanted to focus in on my “imperfections” in the photos but in a beautiful way.


I set up in a fellow artists studio for the photography. I had my friend Bri Long take a few different photos from different angles as I did different positions. In the end I only had to do some light editing for the photos to reveal a soft but cold lighting. After I printed them at different sizes I chose the size I liked best and started the line work. I used a ruler and two different marker to creating thick and thin lines.