[Hank's Pocket]

Hank's Pocket is a recently new company created by Hannah King who also is a co-owner of the company GameDayFeels. They offer a very unique vest that contains large pockets suitable for a variety of items. They are reaching out to parents, artists, students, and any other person looking for a versatile vest that will benefit their daily life. Through my own connection with the company's intern, Bri Long, I was given the opportunity to observe and participate in their recent photoshoot in O.T.R.. As an artist myself I took this experience to help them create the look they envision their customers to have while wearing the pockets, also called "The Flyer"


photo: @b.niicolee


I have a personal relationship with this company's intern, Bri Long, who has kept me up to date with the company. She invited me to the photoshoot to observe, personally document, and participate by wearing the product for photographs.

photo: @katierosiee


I met the owner, Hannah King, and a variety of intriguing and unique people at our meet up location, O.T.R.'s Frameri shop. We proceeded to the back alley to shoot photos for their social media accounts. I thought to dress a way I felt portrayed myself accurately as an artist, student, and stylish person. Additionally, I offered my own photo ideas for the photoshoot and pointed out different backgrounds they could use.

photo: @hank874


 Since the photoshoot I've continued to promote their product to my own connections. They have recently released their website with the Fall/Winter vests and will offer additional pocket inserts and colors in the future. I've gained more branding experience and created connections from being involved in their photoshoot. I hope to continue working alongside this company.