Female Torso, Growth

Plaster and Plants, Spring 2017


A first step for me in depicting the female nude through sculpture. It helped develop my skills as a sculptor and carve a new path of subject matter for my work.

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This piece was made for International Sculpture Day at Pyramid Hill, sculptural park and museum. Every year they allow sculpture students to display their work. It’s displayed on the holiday and afterwards for a limited time and some pieces are chosen by staff to stay longer. I had the honor to be one of the artists chosen to keep their piece on display longer. It was a wonderful opportunity and I’d like to say thank you to all the staff at Pyramid Hill, you are making a huge impact on the young artists in our community.


I made the form first through clay, sculpting it around a chicken wire form attached to a plank of wood. I then made a plaster mold over the clay form. After removing the mold it was then cast in plaster for the final form. Once the piece was pulled out of the mold I carved away to make room for some plant cubbies. The piece in the end weighed roughly 50 Ib’s.