A Lapse in Time

Fuse Press, Cincinnati, OH

Date: April 28th - May 4th 2019

I exhibited a solo piece at Fuse Press, a collaborative studio space run by Jennifer Purdum and Andrew Au. Following a presentation Purdum gave to my class at the University of Cincinnati I reached out to her and she agreed to display my final Advanced Printmaking piece in Fuse.

Informational blurb from show: This surrealism inspired piece plays with the viewers perception through repetitive line-work and offers subject matter with questionable environment and narrative. The piece pushes to obscure the content while also pulling the viewer in. The relationship between the large obscure figure, tear drops, and new figure that crawls from the puddle of tears questions the passage of time and power of life through the filter of the unconscious mind.

What is the Female Shape?

4th Floor Window Display, D.A.A.P., Cincinnati, OH

Date: April 15th - April 21st 2019

I created this solo exhibition display of six ceramic vessels to explore what the female shape is.

Informational blurb from show: The standard of beauty has shifted in the last decade, the celebration and appreciation for diverse body types has been emphasized in society when questioning what type of female body is beautiful. This exhibition continues to challenge the idea of what a standard female figure should look like. On each vessel the women obscure their identity in an attempt to focus the attention on their body and not on their identifiable features. The curvature of the vessels reflect the shapes of the vividly drawn nude forms displayed atop bright blue bubbling glaze. The vessels are displayed from different heights and atop draping fabric, reflecting the theory of male gaze that’s often seen in traditional practices of nude female paintings such as Venus of Urbino by Titian or Olympia by Édouard Manet. This display continues to question the viewer on objectivity of the female nude while referencing back to standards of beauty. Through each element of color, shape, and display this exhibition of ceramic vessels pushes to question what today’s beauty standards are and what is the female shape.

A State of Seeing

840 Gallery, D.A.A.P., Cincinnati, OH

Date: April 7th - April 13th 2019

I collaborated with fellow artists Yunseon Cho, Luke Kindle, Samantha Lakamp, Erin Schaefer, Stephen Smith, and Taryn Valentino for our Senior Thesis 1 exhibition titled A State of Seeing.

Informational blurb from show: In each artwork the artists are pursuing a new way of seeing or observing while considering natural elements, social injustices, or subconscious discoveries. This exhibition focuses on the viewers state of seeing, using this as a vehicle to perceive individual interpretations of different experiences or issues.


840 Gallery, D.A.A.P., Cincinnati, Oh

Date: February 25th - March 3rd 2019

I collaborated with fellow artists Aspen Barbro, Karri Durham, Macartney Greer, Trebor Kershaw, Lainey Schwaner, Jonathan Stapleton, and Mary Tzotzou to create the exhibition Day//Dreaming. Each individual artist contributed work that pulled from their experiences and interpretations of dreaming or dream-related subjects.

Information blurb from show: In this mixed-media work Elise G. Renfrow explores an experience she had with sleep paralysis. She interprets the episode by visualizing a division of physical stimuli and mental consciousness.