Artistic Introductions

Weston Art Gallery, Cincinnati, OH

Date: MArch 23rd, 2017

Event planning Assistant

Women's March

Washington Park, Cincinnati, OH

Date: January 21st, 2017

Volunteer and Participant

I attended the Women's March with my friend and fellow artist Bri Long. This march was just one of the hundreds of marches happening around the world. I believe the conjoined purpose of the march was to support the treatment of women, women's reproductive rights, and to say that we stand together.

[ Sensitive Information Below]

It was an amazing experience for me because I've developed severe anxiety when surrounded by strangers or attending any social gatherings. This anxiety formed in 2015 after I was drugged at a party. I had severe side-effects to the drug which included seizures. No one at the party or the people I attended with called an ambulance or helped me. Even after reporting the incident I’ve struggled to fully accept what happened and get past the fear of strangers. When attending the Women's March I have never felt more safe among a very large group of women and men and I think that speaks volumes for what this march was trying to achieve.  

Show Me Your Confidence

Artist Studios, Loveland, OH

Date: November 12th, 2016


My friend and fellow artist Bri Long invited me to participate for her in progress collection called #showmeyourconfidence. This collection showcases paralleled photos that spark the topic of women's confidence. This project was meant to empower women, to show clothed and nude confidence. It can't be argued that women's bodies have been sexualized for most of our history. Whether through sexualization, criticism, or beautification a women's body is a subject that’s adjusted accordingly to societies current trend. The few who have taken their bodies back have learned this simple lesson: a body is just a body and I have say over mine.

First Batch 2016

Rhinegeist  Brewery, OTr Cincinnati, OH

Date: November 9th, 2016

Assistant for Textilehaus

I attended First Batch 2016 at the Rhinegeist Brewery located in O.T.R. Cincinnati, OH. As an previous intern for TextileHaus I showed my support and love for the founder Anastasiya Yatsuk as she presented the company's progress while in affiliation with First Batch, a local company accelerator. With a strong business foundation I believe TextileHaus will flourish under her direction.


Artworks BigPitch 2016

Rhinegeist  Brewery, OTr Cincinnati, OH

Date: October 6th, 2016


I attended ArtWorks BigPitch 2016 in the Rhinegeist Brewery. This event celebrated 8 applicants as they pitched their companies to the audience and panel of judges for the chance to be awarded a grand prize of $15,000 from U.S. Bank. Each company was local to the Cincinnati area and applied for the grant to further their busniess needs. The 1st place grand prize of $15,000 went to James Avant IV, founder of OCD Cakes. The 2nd place grand prize of $5,000 went to Scott Beseler, founder of The Lodge.