Body of Work

[Artist's Statement]

    These three series from my Body of Work project will focus around the female body and body identity. I want the viewer to also consider it's relation to the subject of identity, female imperfections, shapes, and body confidence. I decided to use photography as the base because I wanted authenticity. If I were to draw these shots I would loose the detail and realness of the female body. Instead, I decided to draw the body "flaws" of focus with pen and use marker to emphasize these "flaws".

The focuses in each photo are of my own body features that have been great insecurities to me over the years: cellulite, my hair, and stretch-marks. I used myself as the model because I wanted my work to reflect my own empowerment of my features.

As people view my work I want them to think of their own body features. Our body is ours alone and we can learn to accept it or strive for others opinions. Our flaws are evidence that our body has lived. Cellulite shows nourishment, hair length shows the passage of time, stretch-marks show growth, and these scars show memories. Our body is a picture that embraces our life.

-Elise Ren.




The first work is of a naked female rear with drawn-on focus about cellulite.



The second work is a photo of a naked female head with drawn-on focus around the absence of hair.



The third and final work is a photo of female thighs with drawn-on focus around stretch-marks.