- Artist Statement -

I’m constantly circling my own mind and learning to stay connected to myself and the natural world around me. Creating art helps me focus on my connections and interpret them for the viewer. My art fixates on the female nude body and natural elements or settings and how those two separately or together question our inner-self and the world around us. 

In my work I show honest representations of the female nude body that question consciousness, awareness, and appreciation for the figural form. I investigate what the female nude form is, how it’s portrayed, and what body language can express to the viewer. I obscure the facial identity on my female nudes in attempt to deviate from a specific person. My figures are ambiguous beings that focus on the body and mind by utilizing minimal line-work and intertwined or simplified limbs.

In addition to my nude figures I explore visual narrative settings that interpret feelings, dream landscapes, and perspectives from events in my life. The inspiration for my work is sparked by my love of the natural world and my experiences with sleep disorders and body consciousness. I use representations of plants and trees as a vehicle to express my feelings of tranquility into the narrative. I incorporate variations of blue and green to connect those feelings. I want the viewer to see the beauty of the work without it being obscured through harsh colors and visuals.